Freelance writers can find it difficult to maintain a current, coherent portfolio. We write four sometimes at least half a dozen different outlets. Our writing can cover a wide variety of topics and genres, which makes putting together a portfolio that showcases our content difficult at best. There is a way to make that task easier and at the same time more attractive. Thanks to what Authory provides to writers, you cannot only have a well organized portfolio, but one that requires little to no work on your part after it is set up.

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Getting Your Authory Page Started

Signing up for Authory has to be one of the easiest processes of any service I’ve ever subscribed to. You give it your email address, your byline, and your payment information. From there, the software Authory has in place goes to work.

You can import your articles manually into your portfolio, but that ignores the beauty of this platform. Instead, I choose to put Authory on autopilot. I provide the link to my byline on each site that I write for, and Authory takes it from there. Within a few hours of publication, my article shows up on my portfolio without any action on my part. I can choose to have only a preview show on my portfolio page, or my entire article. The choice is mine.

My Authory Portfolio

The only drawback to this method is that it sometimes takes longer than others for my content to appear. I have had days when it took up to 6 to 7 hours for my articles to show up on the page. Usually, though, my content is available on all three within an hour or two of publication.

Brilliant Content Organization

Since I write for multiple outlets on a variety of topics, it would be easy for my portfolio to take on the appearance of a rats nest of wiring. Dumping all of my articles together on the page without any sort of sorting, filtering, or other organization would be an absolute nightmare.

I don’t have to worry about that with Authory. This platform allows me to easily configure what content shows up where. I can choose to have my articles from all sources show up on the main page, or I can create categories to organize my writing. With these categories, I can have a separate page for all of my hunting articles, a unique page for my archery articles, while still allowing my tech articles to be the main focus of my portfolio. I have even generated pages dedicated to certain topics. For example, you will find that my education articles are all grouped together, as are my news and editorials about Apple’s labor law controversies.

Doing Much More Than Aggregating My Writing

Authory offers much more than just a place to bring all of my content together. At the end of the day, I send out a newsletter containing every article I’ve published since my last newsletter. I say that I send this, since it does come from my email address. The truth is, I don’t do anything to generate this newsletter. Authory handles it all for me, sending it to my subscribers at 8pm every evening. That, too, is fully customizable. I could choose to have it sent daily or weekly.

The platform also offers a complete set of analytics for my content. I can go in and see how many views my articles get, from my portfolio and from my newsletters. I am able to see how many subscribers actually open my email newsletters, as well as how many click on the links within.

Authory also tracks my social media interactions. It picks up how many times my article tweets have been liked or re-tweeted, as well as how many Facebook shares I’ve received.

Authory Social Media Analytics

My New Favorite Portfolio

In the past, I created my own WordPress site to serve as a portfolio of my writing. Now that I have Authory, there’s no longer a need for that. This platform does so much more than my old portfolio ever hoped to accomplish. It offers benefits to my readers, such as a dedicated RSS feed and my daily newsletter, that would otherwise have taken me hours upon hours to provide. The platform may not be perfect, but it is far better than anything I have found or created to date.

If you want to give Authory a spin, please consider using my referral link. You’ll get a month for free, giving you even more time to get to know the service before you need to pay for it.

A Bonus Feature

As a bonus tip, let me point out that the RSS feed Authory provides is good for more than just my readers. Using an applet within IFTTT, the articles I publish automatically push to LinkedIn. As soon as they show up on my RSS feed, IFTTT links to those articles on my LinkedIn profile.

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